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will have elders that care for its children

Earlier this year we put out a call asking for St. Mary’s Academy alumnae and friends to make a donation to Coach King’s Shipping Container Fund. The container would be used to hold supplies for the track and field team, such as hurdles, jump pits, blocks, and more.

Well, folks, I'm pleased to announce that your donations helped us reach our goal! Just a few days ago, the company delivered our container. So, without further ado, here it is, all dressed up in Belles’ Blue!

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Isn’t it beautiful?

It now sits on the practice track at the school. So swing by and check it out!


Thank you to each and every one of you who donated, shared on social media, told your friends and family and helped us get the word out about our goal. We could not have done this without you and are so very grateful for your continued support.


Réynda King

Green tie class of 1997


We all know the saying "It takes a village..."

Well, one of our elders needs our help!

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Coach Robert King


Saint Mary's Academy, Inglewood, CA                  

Coach King — Yes, that Coach King. The man who was either your coach, your kid's coach, or both you and your kid's coach— needs some assistance in continuing his mission of helping our youth reach their academic dreams through athletic means.

The goal:

 Raise $3300.00 to purchase and deliver a SHIPPING CONTAINER

Shipping container will be similar to the one above.

Shipping container will be similar to the one above.


The container will house track equipment — blocks, hurdles, etc— on-site at Saint Mary's so athletes using the facility can have immediate access to what they need during training.

As track season is already underway, it's imperative we reach our fundraising goal quickly! 

3 ways to donate:

1. Paypal: Log in to your Paypal account. Select "Send to friends and family". Send your donation to 

2. Venmo, a free digital wallet that allows quick and easy payments between friends. Send your donations to @RKing1353. (Mark "donation" in the notes field.)

3. Credit card on this site. This is a secured business website. You can make donations directly by clicking the Donate button below. Payments are processed through Stripe, and will appear on your billing statement as Body Balance.

Donate NOW

Please note, in all instances you're sending your donations to Body Balance Massage (my company). I am just doing the collecting, all money will be sent to Coach Robert King (my dad) as soon as it is collected. 


  • Why not a GoFundMe? Donation companies like GoFundMe tack on extra fees for processing. We're doing this in house so it can be done quickly without the need to raise extra money to cover those fees. Rest assured every penny you donate is going to fund this cause. 
  • Is this donation tax deductible? No (unless you've got a really great accountant).  We're passing the virtual hat here.
  • Got another question? Feel free to email me. 


We'll be tracking donations as we go. 

Please donate today and let's get that thermometer over there BOILING before March is out! 



Know of some former —or current— Quiet Fire or Saint Mary's athletes or parents? Don't be shy! Hit those share buttons and let's reach our goal!

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