Get back to The Life You Deserve

You deserve a body that feels great and moves with ease.

But with your life in a state of constant busyness, your body and mind are taxed in ways that cause stress, pain, and dysfunction. The longer these issues are left to linger, the more likely your quality of life is to deteriorate.

Gardening becomes a chore as low back pain and achy knees can cause excruciating pain. Tension in the muscles of your legs can make your stress-relieving activities sources of stress instead, until eventually your active lifestyle grows more and more sedentary. Long hours in front of a computer screen and keyboard leave a constant throb in your arms, shoulders, neck, and shoulders, making your work-life unbearable and causing your productivity and focus to suffer.


Massage – the art of laying hands — is a powerful tool for bringing about a sense of relaxation, facilitating healing, and boosting your overall wellness.  Frequent treatments can relieve chronic pain held in the body for months and even years. Targeted therapy has the capacity to help torn muscle fibers rehabilitate faster, and release other connective tissue problems as well. And manual therapy can fight migraines, boost your immune system, and help increase your mental focus as manipulating the physical body affects the emotional and energetic bodies as well.  

That means a better balanced, more functional you.

Don't wait a moment longer. Book a massage today and get back to the life you deserve. 



Not a massage therapist, your massage therapist.

My aim is to walk with you on your wellness journey. Click below to  see which service is right for you.

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What Clients Are Saying

"I work in the spa industry and Reynda is the BEST massage therapist I've ever had. She listens to my needs and concerns and focuses on areas where I need to to work on. She is very knowledgeable about the anatomy of the body so she is able to help me relieve knots, spasms and pain as a results of severe chronic inflammation. Reynda helped me through my entire pregnancy by safely relieving my sciatic pains and was invaluable for the aches, muscle tightness and injuries during training for three bike races and 10 half marathons. I highly recommend Reynda for consistently wonderful massages that help relief chronic aches and pains and leaves me relaxed."


"I am a regular, ongoing client of Reynda's, she comes to my home and provides great massages! I have been her client for about 5 years. I like Reynda so much that I also brought her into my office to provide chair massages for our employees. She is always punctual, professional, and of course skilled in massage."



"The absolute best massage experience! She took her time, asked questions so she understood my specific needs, provided helpful information that I could use in between visits. Truly delivered exceptional service and I highly recommend her. There's no way I won't be back!"



"Reynda is an excellent therapist! I always feel comfortable to relax and unwind during my massage, and she follows up with problem areas I have been having issues with-even demonstrating useful stretches, exercises, etc. She is always prompt and professional. I would highly recommend her!!"



"She's great, friendly and very accommodating,highly recommended 5 Stars overall!"



"Reynda was wonderful. She showed up early, set up quickly and more importantly, she was patient and kind with my 88 year old father who was getting the massage. He really enjoyed it as evidenced by the sounds of snoring we heard during the massage and how relaxed he felt afterward. I would definitely refer her to anyone and will be using her again."

-Cindy M.


"All the key concerns one might have for a personal service often times provided in your home were met, especially being extremely focused and professional, yet pleasant. I have used her services several times and referred other family and friends."


About Me

I'm Réynda King, a Certified Massage Therapist. Finding knots and busting stress is my super power, and I've had the pleasure of serving my clients since 2002.

As a former 3-sport athlete, I know how difficult it is to function when your body is stressed, injured, and just plain burned out. I know how pushing through pain and ignoring nagging aches can lead to larger, systemic dysfunctions. But I also know first hand the healing powers of massage — how it works not only the physical body, but the emotional and energetic bodies as well, bringing the whole being into a state of balance.

My massage training was obtained at the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, CA. I hold a bachelors degree in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley. Plus, I have years of experience gained from countless hours of hands-on bodywork with people from all walks of life. Professional athletes, weekend warriors, expectant moms and dads, the differently-abled, the elderly, and everyone in between has experienced the benefits of massage on my table.

Sharing healing touch and helping others on their wellness journey is one of my primary missions in life (the other is to laugh a lot).